The perfect alchemy of fashion and art, we combine centuries-old metalsmithing techniques with a modern aesthetic. Amata Jewelry Studio is a celebration of life, color, and beauty.

To us, Amata represents love and friendship.

We’ve found homes on two coasts, near the ocean that replenishes.

We believe in creating sophisticated beauty from simple forms.


I’m an island-girl with a big, gypsy heart; I’ve been captivated by island living ever since I travelled solo around the Greek-Isles at 16.

From the Appalachian Mountains to Shropshire, England I spent my childhood surrounded by the countryside.

I believe people have an amazing capacity to create change and transformation.

I’m the proud mum to two strong, kind and beautiful daughters: Makaela and Isabella. 

I’m a messy artist/designer/painter/photographer who loves listening to music while I work.

I’m lucky to spend my life creating and sharing meaning with my hands.



Together on the slopes of Haleakalā in Maui and in the city of Angels,
we work tirelessly to create every piece of Amata Jewelry.